The BassTech International Story

When we founded BassTech International in 1994, we wanted to do things differently. Our aim was to offer specialty product lines and superior service going beyond the industry norm. Our philosophy was simple: take better care of the customer.

From the start, we set our standards high, building a reputation for delivering the high-quality products our customers need. But what really sets our company apart – keeps our customers coming back again and again – is our people.

We have brought together the best individuals we could find to work here – people who take pride in what they do, enjoy their jobs, and truly care about the customers. Over the years, we have nurtured their talent and challenged them to learn and grow as a team. The result has been an unparalleled level of courteous, efficient, and experienced service.

With excellent products backed by such a dedicated staff, we know you will be completely satisfied with your choice to do business with BassTech International. We look forward to personally working with you to fulfill all of your company’s manufacturing needs.

About our office in China
Opened in 2006, BassTech China is located in Qingdao. Beyond marketing specialty chemicals and polymers within the region, BassTech China sources inorganic chemicals for our customers in North America, Europe and elsewhere. By maintaining warehousing facilities for storage, analysis and repackaging, BassTech China has the capabilities to expedite shipments to meet customers’ just-in-time requirements across the globe. BassTech China also confirms analysis of our products to ensure the goods meet all the requirements of our end users.

About our office in India
BassTech Exim India was formed in 2009 with the goal of expanding BassTech’s sourcing capabilities for inorganic chemicals as well as byproduct Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) from producers in India. BassTech Exim India also markets polymers and chemicals from other regions to manufacturers within India. BassTech Exim India has a strong focus on sourcing critical raw materials for consumption in North America by major manufacturing companies.

About our office in Europe
Launched in 2011, BassTech Europe BVBA is our most recent expansion effort. BassTech Europe has already proven to be an influential source of specialty polymers. Our staff has leveraged relationships with local resources and has developed unique technology for the manufacture of customs blends of polymers. With the strict new regulations for manufacturers and distributors of chemicals in the European Union (REACH), BassTech Europe can provide the necessary regulatory compliance for our customers throughout the region. Moreover, BassTech Europe maintains a HAZMAT accredited warehouse facility at the Port of Antwerp for the storage and handling of materials in all quantities.

Our Memberships and Certifications


BassTech International is certified under the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


BassTech has been a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) since 2003.


BassTech has achieved the RD (Responsible Distribution) accreditation. This accreditation ensures adherence to a strict set of policies governing storage, handling, distribution, logistics and security of materials.

SACI Certification

BassTech is a longtime member of The Sales Association of the Chemical Industry (SACI), which is an organization designed to provide business and networking resources to industry professionals.