Benefits of Dorfner’s Dust-Free DORSICOAT® Products In Commercial Flooring

Dorfner Group has added DORSICOAT®, a line of dust-free, easy-to-use quartz sand and sand blends, to its already impressive product catalog. These engineered quartz filler systems are used to install slip-free, highly durable industrial flooring. BassTech has partnered with Dorfner Group to provide high-quality engineered quartz filler systems to commercial flooring manufacturers in North America.

Here are some benefits of using DORSICOAT® in flooring coatings:

1.DORSICOAT® maximizes safety in the workplace

Because silica dust is considered a carcinogen, exposure to it in the workplace is limited by law. In the United States, this is regulated by OSHA. By using a dust-free quartz sand product like DORSICOAT®, you are significantly reducing health hazards. This product is virtually dust-free and limits harmful particulates from becoming airborne and entering the body. Using this product also prevents contamination of work garments and clean spaces such as kitchens or labs. DORSICOAT® complies with Germany’s Employers’ Liability Insurance Association of the Construction Industry (BG BAU) and comparable requirements in the US.

2.DORSICOAT® is cost-effective

By reducing the amount of dust on site, you reduce the amount of cleanup and its related costs. This can cover expenses ranging from labor for wet vacuuming or water sprays. You can also save on materials such as tarps and higher grade respirators. There is also an opportunity to save when it comes to topcoat. Dust-free quartz sand means a nicer finish, which can translate to using up to 15% less topcoat.

3.DORSICOAT® saves time

Installing industrial flooring with a dust-free quartz sand increases productivity by cutting out site preparation and cleanup. Employees will spend less time laying protective tarps over sterile surfaces and dry-sweeping, and they’ll spend more time completing other projects.

4.DORSICOAT® creates a better-looking product

Installing flooring with a dust-free product means much lower levels of particulates on sites. This prevents surface defects and imperfections caused by dust inclusions, resulting in an attractive finish.

Dorfner DORSICOAT® products include:
– DORSICOAT® PQK DF 100 (self-leveling)

For more information on DORSICOAT® fillers, view the latest brochure or contact one of our quartz sand specialists.

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