Fabutit 734 – Higher Output, Tighter Tolerances and Savings

BassTech International has been a steady presence in the Brick and Tile Industry for almost 30 years, supplying our unique grade of Barium Carbonate designed specifically to stop scumming. One of BassTech’s core philosophies is to stay innovative and listening to the needs of our customers, which includes improving efficiencies and saving money. With this mindset, we developed our Fabutit 734, a performance additive for the structural clay market.

Our Fabutit 734 is a high performance deflocculant optimized exclusively for clay bodies. The product has a documented record of significantly decreasing water demand by improving surface tension between particles, while increasing green strength and extrusion quality. Lower water demand reduces shrinkage, improves dimensional tolerances, eliminates surface cracks, lower energy costs associated with drying, reduces die wear, lower porosity (improving freeze/thaw cycles), improved green strength with an overall increase in capacity.

We are pleased to share the findings of the National Brick Research Center, who validated the remarkable benefits from the use of Fabutit 734.  Below please find attached the article describing the benefits of adding Fabutit 734 into the brick manufacturing process.


The benefits of adding Fabutit 734 into the Brick Manufacturing

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