Meeting Suppliers in China

I recently came back from China after attending our global strategy meeting along with meeting a few key suppliers. It was quite an experience to be able to see the local culture along with eating every meal with chopsticks (I believe I held my own). We even toured the area seeing Mt. Laoshan, Qingdao Beach, the beer museum and the Olympic sailing pier. When driving to Mt. Laoshan, I was looking at all the buildings and their roofs. When I saw every building had clay tile roofs, I thought to myself “they must use a lot of Barium Carbonate!”

Now, what everyone asked me when I returned was “What did you eat??” Being my first time, I made sure I tried everything at least once to ensure I had the full experience. We had food ranging from donkey, jelly fish, sea slugs, cow tongue, duck tongue to various parts of the pig along with trying (a lot) of Tsingtao Beer, the local favorite! I can’t wait to travel overseas again.

– Tom

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