Organized? Chaos!

We just returned from a two-week trip to India. While we met with a network of our global suppliers and customers – and of course spent a lot of time with the talented staff from BassTech Exim India, Pvt. Ltd – we also had the opportunity to see some sights. We started our trip in the north, Delhi, and wound up all the way in the south, Chennai. One of our favorite things about Delhi was that it was not so hot, only 42 degrees C (107 Fahrenheit). Trust me, that was much better than the 47 (117 Fahrenheit) at the Taj Mahal in Agra. Beyond the heat though, we really did get to see some amazing sights.

Sites aside, just wandering around the streets is an experience in and of itself. The phrase that came to mind was total sensory overload. From the sights of the merchants on the streets, to the smells of the cows milling about, to the sound of thousands of scooter horns blaring non-stop, nowhere can you go to escape! It was amazing to think of all of the high tech wonders that are coming out of India these days and to witness the infrastructure I would imagine seeing in a movie from 50 years ago.


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