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World of Concrete 2018

BassTech International was in Las Vegas last week looking to win big, not at the tables, but at the World of Concrete! Traditionally, BassTech has exhibited a complete line of Dorfner’s Functional Filler Systems. BassTech partnered with Dofner to bring Quartz Sand

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BassTech International Recertified for Responsible Distribution

BassTech is pleased to announce we have once again been recertified by the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) for having confirmed to their rigorous Responsible Distribution program. This is the 5th consecutive cycle that BassTech has been certified. Responsible

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Clemson Brick Forum

BassTech had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 63rd annual Clemson Brick Forum this year in Anderson, South Carolina. The show was a great opportunity to learn new developments in the Brick Industry and network with colleagues. The show is

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Fabutit 734 – Higher Output, Tighter Tolerances and Savings

BassTech International has been a steady presence in the Brick and Tile Industry for almost 30 years, supplying our unique grade of Barium Carbonate designed specifically to stop scumming. One of BassTech’s core philosophies is to stay innovative and listening

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Hot, Humid, and Agglomeration!

As the temperatures and humidity begin to rise, hopefully you’ll be the only sticky thing in the plant. The harsher environment in the plant may turn traditional free flowing additives into a sticky mess, clogging feeders. In the brick industry,

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BassTech Partners with Leverton-Clarke

BassTech International is proud to partner with Leverton-Clarke for the sale of their Lithium Chemistries in North America. Leverton-Clarke is a well respected producer of Lithium Salts in Europe with over 30 years in the industry. BassTech will supply material

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Ceramics Expo

BassTech International recently attended this year’s Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. This was the first year that BassTech walked the show and did not exhibit. The three-day show was filled with informative talks and networking opportunities to discuss products, manufacturing

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Adhesive & Sealant Convention

BassTech International recently attended this year’s Adhesive & Sealant Convention in Atlanta. BassTech regularly attends the event, but this show was the first time we exhibited at the convention and it was very insightful. The one-day show had more than

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BassTech Exclusive North American Agent for Laborchemie Apolda’s BF3 Amine Complexes

BassTech International is proud to represent Laborchemie Apolda for the sale of their BF3-MEA and other complexes to the Epoxy, Composition, and Adhesive Industries in North America.  Laborchemie Apolda is a well respected producer of BF3 Complexes in Europe.  

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Dorfner Dorkafill H and Dorkafill Pro-Void Functional Fillers

BassTech has an exclusive partnership with Dorfner, an independent family owned company that selectively mines kaolin-rich clays from their own opencast pits. This ensures maximum quality and consistency for all Dorfner’s quartz sands products. Dorfner’s functional fillers, Dorkafill H and

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Ethylene Bis(Stearamide) (EBS)

BassTech International is very excited to announce its’ newest addition to our specialty line of lubricants, Ethylene Bis(Stearamide) (EBS) CAS#110-30-5. EBS is a synthetic wax made by combining two stearic acid molecules with one molecule of ethylenediamine. Together the resulting

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Glycerol Monostearate and Glycerol Tristearate

BassTech International is proud to announce two new additions (Glycerol Monostearate – GMS and Glycerol Tristearate – GTS) to its ever expanding product line. Our facility manufactures over 20,000 MT of distilled GMS each year using a process adopted from

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Additives in Rubber and Plastic Compounding

Certain additives must be added to plastics and synthetic rubbers to produce desired properties in end application compounds. Filler systems, binders and chemical additives have many different applications in compounding. These applications range from improving material strength to altering aesthetic

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Spotlight on: Budenheim

Photo source: Founded by Ludwig Utz and Jean Hershel in a small German village in 1908, Budenheim made its start by producing tartar and coffee granules during its early years. Since then, it has diversified its product offerings, becoming

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Sodium Metasilicate Applications

Sodium metasilicate (Na2SiO3) is a versatile ingredient in areas such as detergents, fireproofing and adhesives. This inorganic chemical is available in different grades depending on the manufacturer’s needs. For example, sodium metasilicate 9 MOL is common as a component of

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Ceramics Expo 2015

Photo source: BassTech is excited to attend the first ever Ceramics Expo as an exhibitor! Join us in Cleveland, Ohio from April 28 through April 30 and meet with professionals from all levels of the ceramics supply chain. Presented

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Interesting Facts About Styrene-Butadiene Styrene (SBS)

Synthetic elastomers (or synthetic rubbers) are used in many different industries: automotive, bitumen modification, HIPS, shoe soles and masterbatch. Synthetic rubber is often preferred over natural rubber because it is higher in purity and easier to handle. One of BassTech’s

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Benefits of DORKAFILL® Functional Fillers for Paint

Photo source: The Germany-based Dorfner Group has developed highly sophisticated particle technology to produce high quality functional fillers for paint, glass, paper, adhesives and construction materials. They specialize in kaolin-based products using raw materials extracted from their own mines.

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5 Interesting Facts About Boric Acid

Boric acid (also known as hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boricum) is a colorless crystal or white powder that dissolves in water. It has the chemical formula B(OH)3 and exists in the form of colorless crystals or

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5 Interesting Facts About Green Chrome Oxide

Green chrome oxide, also known as chromium (III) oxide, is a very stable, durable compound most commonly used as a pigment. Because of its opacity, it’s widely used to add color, but it also has heat-resistant qualities that make it

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Hazardous Materials Training

To ensure your hazardous goods are shipped safely and properly, all BassTech logistics associates are certified in hazardous materials transportation and undergo the required recertification every three years. Our staff is certified in DOT 49 CFR, IMDG and IATA dangerous

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Benefits of Dorfner’s Dust-Free DORSICOAT® Products In Commercial Flooring

Dorfner Group has added DORSICOAT®, a line of dust-free, easy-to-use quartz sand and sand blends, to its already impressive product catalog. These engineered quartz filler systems are used to install slip-free, highly durable industrial flooring. BassTech has partnered with Dorfner

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International Elastomer Conference 2014

Source: BassTech recently attended this year’s International Elastomer Conference in Nashville (formerly the International Rubber Expo). The International Elastomer Conference is a premier, three-day gathering of more than 2,500 customers, educators and suppliers to exchange ideas and observations from

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5 Interesting Facts About Barium Nitrate

Barium Nitrate is a salt of barium and the nitrate ion. It has uses in the vacuum tube industry and the manufacture of other barium compounds. BassTech International has supplied glass manufacturers and the pyrotechnic industry with high purity Barium

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5 Interesting Facts About Tundish Refractories

continuous casting of steel

A tundish is an essential component of the continuous casting system in steelmaking. Located between the ladle and the casting molds, the tundish feeds molten steel to the molds at a regulated rate. Due to the temperature extremes involved, tundish

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5 Interesting Facts About Polybutadiene Rubber

High-impact polystyrene, or HIPS, is polystyrene processed with polybutadiene rubber during polymerization. We’ve been supplying polybutadiene rubber to the high-impact polystyrene industry for 20 years, sourcing from producers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Polybutadiene rubber is the second most

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5 Interesting Facts About Modified Bitumen Roofing

“Modified bitumen” might be an unfamiliar term to many people who aren’t in the roofing industry, but it is a common choice in commercial roofing and other flat or nearly-flat roofs. Bitumen is also known as asphalt, which has been

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5 Interesting Facts About Paints and Coatings

While paint manufacturers each have their own specially developed formulas for producing paint, in general paint has four main components: the binder, the solvent, the pigment/filler package, and an additive package. Our fillers, dispersion agents, and additives are used in

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5 Interesting Facts About Industrial Flooring

When it comes to industrial flooring, different industries have different needs. Breweries, pharmaceutical, commercial kitchens, laboratories, parking garages, and aviation – to name a few – need their floors to be able to withstand all sorts of stress. Synthetic resin

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5 Interesting Facts About Bricks

1. Bricks vary according to use Most bricks are made from clay and shale and are kiln-fired, and these fall into a few different categories. Bricks that are used equally for their durability and appearance – for example, in the exterior

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Now offering Zinc Stearate from Turkey

Upon arriving in Istanbul, I understood immediately why the area has been immortalized as the center of the universe for millennia. It was an interesting mix of European and Asian culture, forming its own unique blend owned by the local

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Chinaplas 2014

Chinaplas 2014

Last month, we traveled to Shanghai to attend Chinaplas. Since its beginning in 1983, Chinaplas has grown to become the largest plastics and rubber show in Asia and the second largest in the world. We handle a range of products

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BassTech International Exhibits at American Coatings Show 2014

BassTech at American Coatings Show

We recently had the pleasure of exhibiting for the first time at this year’s American Coatings Show in Atlanta. The American Coatings Show is the fastest growing trade show in the paint and coatings industry, and we welcomed the opportunity

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Not Your Average Sand

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Germany and visit BassTech’s newest partner, Dorfner Products. Dorfner is one of Europe’s oldest producers of Kaolin products, Quartz Sand, Colored Quartz Sand, and Engineered Filler Systems. The mining operation is based

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BassTech International receives C-TPAT Certification

BassTech International has been a trusted partner with our customers for over twenty years. Now we are a trusted partner of the Department of Homeland Security, having received C-TPAT Certification from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Our Logistics department

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Our New Lab in Europe

To better serve our customers, we recently completed the construction of a state of the art lab in our Europe office. We’ll be using this lab to perform polymer testing and bitumen modification developments. The lab features the following new instruments: Mixing units for bitumen

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Infrastructure in India

India Visit

I recently returned from a multi-city trip to India. On this trip, we visited Kolkata (Calcutta), Bangalore (Bengalaru), Chennai and Mumbai (Bombay). One thing that struck me was that in all of the cities, major infrastructure work was being undertaken.

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St. Louis Refractory Symposium

BassTech Tradeshow Booth

Cold and snowy St. Louis at the end of March! Not what we expected when arriving at the St. Louis Refractory Symposium. Normally, the weather is beautiful and gives everyone a welcomed taste of what spring will feel like. Despite

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Welcomed by Snow in Germany

Tired of the extreme winter weather in New York, I had eagerly anticipated spring weather in Germany.  Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed upon my arrival.  After exiting the Hyatt Mainz, I observed a crew arriving by bus from a recent

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Strategy Meeting

We recently held in our spacious new Fort Lee, New Jersey, office a companywide Strategy Meeting. This is becoming an annual event where managers from all four of our worldwide offices meet and strategize to prepare for our next calendar

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I recently went to the Clemson Brick Forum in Anderson, SC. This is my third year going to the show and it always impresses me how vendors continue to improve their booths year after year, some spending thousands of dollars.

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A trip through Texas

Recently Josh and I traveled down to the state of Texas to visit some of BassTech’s SBS and PE wax customers. Due to a tight schedule, we found it convenient to drive from Houston to Dallas. After living in the

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Organized? Chaos!

We just returned from a two-week trip to India. While we met with a network of our global suppliers and customers – and of course spent a lot of time with the talented staff from BassTech Exim India, Pvt. Ltd

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Introducing Robert Zerella

As I am settling in as the newest member of the BassTech team I have been asked to introduce myself via our Global Travel Blog. I am a recent graduate of Penn State University with a background in material science.

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Meeting Suppliers in China

I recently came back from China after attending our global strategy meeting along with meeting a few key suppliers. It was quite an experience to be able to see the local culture along with eating every meal with chopsticks (I

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