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Ethylene Bis(Stearamide) (EBS)

EBS is a synthetic wax that is non-toxic and primarily used in PVC thermoforming and extrusion. It can be used with a variety of thermoplastics including PP, PS, PE and ABS. In addition to the 150 mesh particle size we

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We Are a Barium Sulfite Supplier

Barium sulfite (also known as barium sulfonate or sulfurous acid) is an inorganic salt used in PVC additives. BassTech supplies two different grades of BaSO3 to better meet your manufacturing needs. These products are high molecular weight and oil soluble. We

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We Are a Barium Stearate Supplier

Barium Stearate (Ba(C18H35O2)2) is primarily used as a heat stabilizer and lubricant for PVC products. It is also used as a flatting and sanding agent in lacquers, coatings and inks. Please inquire so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist

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We Are a Barium Hydroxide Monohydrate Supplier

BassTech International is the largest North American supplier of Barium Salts, including Barium Hydroxide. Our team strictly controls the quality of our Barium Hydroxide to meet your required specifications, ensuring consistent results every time. We are able to handle from

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We Are an Aluminum Fluoride Supplier

Aluminum fluoride’s (AlF3) primary use is in the production of aluminum, also known as aluminium. Additionally, it is used to inhibit fermentation and in the production of fluoroaluminate glasses. See below for the specifications of our aluminum fluoride. Specifications Assay 93

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We Are a Barium Fluoride Supplier

Barium Fluoride (BaF2) has many uses in a variety of industries including optics, in the creation of lenses; in the production of enamel, glazing frits, and welding agents; and as a scintillator in the detection of X-rays, gamma rays and

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