St. Louis Refractory Symposium

March 26 – 27th St. Louis, MO

BassTech will be exhibiting at this show. If interested in scheduling time to meet with one of our staff, please contact us at

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Did You Know?

  • The mineral name Celestite comes from the latin Caelestis, meaning celestial or heavenly. The name refers to the grey-blue translucent color of the crystals.
  • The mineral name Barite comes from the Greek word Barytes, meaning heavy. It comes from the high specific gravity of the material, which makes it an excellent weighting agent in drilling muds.
  • Lithium Citrate, an additive in Refractory Compositions, was also a key ingredient until 1948 in soft drinks as a mood stabilizer. This included Coca-Cola (Lithia Coke) and the predecessor to 7UP Called “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”. Soda used to be good for your health and mood.
  • Marigold Oleoresin, a pigment derived from Marigold Flowers, is used to increase the deep orange shade of egg yolks naturally. This is especially important for pasta in Italy, where only water, eggs and flour are allowable ingredients.