We Are an Aluminum Phosphates Supplier

BassTech International is a global supplier of specialty Metal Phosphates. Our knowledgeable sales team and global support system keep us at the forefront of phosphate technology, developing solutions for our customers. We have a variety of Aluminum Phosphates available including stabilized liquids (Monoaluminum Phosphate), soluble Monoaluminum Phosphate Powders, and Insoluble Aluminum Metaphosphates.

Aluminum Phosphate Uses:

  • High temperature phosphate bonded refractories based on aluminum oxide
  • Storable refractory mixes, ramming compounds and patching compounds
  • Ambient hardener for waterglass/silicate based systems
  • Production of phosphate glasses for laser, optical or high transmission applications

Aluminum Phosphates are produced by the exothermic reaction between Alumina Hydroxide and Phosphoric Acid. Based on proprietary technology, BassTech is able to offer various crystal structures suited for slower or faster reactions. The powder version allows for our customers to produce a single-component dry refractory blend that can be activated by water on-site. The material is stable and well proven to maintain strong bonds at elevated temperatures.

We also offer low iron content alternatives for the production of high transmission glasses. These are suited for lens, fiber optic and laser glasses.

An article regarding the variety of phosphates for refractory and technical applications by the example of Aluminum Phosphates can be found here: Aluminum Phosphates


Fabutit 716
Aluminum Metaphosphate
Aluminum Metaphosphate, Optical Quality
Trialuminum Phosphate
Monoaluminum Phosphate
Bulk Density (approx. g/l)
800 800 600 500
pH Value (approx.)
3 3 5 2.2
p2O5 (approx.)
80 80 58 64
Al2O3 (approx.)
19 19 42 17
120 ppm Max
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