We Are a Barium Carbonate Powder Supplier

BassTech International is the largest North American supplier of Barium Salts, including Barium Carbonate. Starting from supplying the CRT Glass industry to being the premier supplier to Brick and specialty industries, BassTech has handled Barium Carbonate from barge ships to containerload to palletload quantities. When looking for a trusted veteran in the field, contact BassTech for our over twenty years of experience with Barium Carbonate.

Industries who use Barium Carbonate

  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Specialty Glass
  • Glazes
  • Ceramic
  • Ferrite

What is Barium Carbonate?

Barium Carbonate is a chemical compound used in bricks, ceramic glazes, display glass, frits, enamels, specialty glass and cement. Barium carbonate is widely used in the ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes. It acts as a flux, a matting and crystallizing agent and combines with certain coloring oxides to produce unique colors not easily attainable by other means. In the brick, tile, earthenware and pottery industries, Barium Carbonate is added to clays to precipitate soluble salts (calcium sulfate and magnesium sulfate) that cause efflorescence.


99% Minimum
0.30% Maximum
HCl Insoluble Matter
0.25% Maximum
Total Sulfur Content (as SO4)
0.30% Maximum
0.004% Maximum
Average Particle Size
1.5 ยต
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