We Are an Iron Orthophosphate Supplier

BassTech International supplies Iron (Ferric) Orthophosphate, Article No. E53-81 from Chemische Fabrik Budenheim. The E53-81 is insoluble in water and is readily soluble in dilute mineral acids. In contrast to other ferric phosphates, Iron Orthophosphate is white in color. A special feature is its small particle size, which causes it to be well absorbed.

Industries who use Iron Orthophosphate

  • Steel and Metal Manufacturing
  • Base Coatings for Paint
  • Bonding agent for fabric, wood and other materials to iron or steel substrates
  • Paint / Powder Coating Process

What is Iron Orthophosphate?

Iron (Ferric) Orthophosphate, FePO4, is a phosphate of iron. It is one of the few molluscicides approved for use in the practice of organic farming. Unlike the older metaldehyde, it is non-toxic to pets and wildlife.


26 – 32%
Arsenic as As
3 PPM Maximum
10 PPM Maximum
Loss on Ignition
32.5% Maximum
3 PPM Maximum
50 PPM Maximum
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