We Are a Zinc Pyrophosphate Supplier

Zinc II pyrophosphate powder is practically insoluble in water, but easily soluble in mineral acids. It is used as an additive in lubricants based on mineral oil.

Typical fields of application of the white solid lubricants are:

  • Medical equipment
  • Household appliances as washing machines, rotary irons
  • Clutch parts
  • Textile machines
  • Motor vehicle construction parts as accelerators, spring seating, door locks, slide rails for soft tops
  • Lubricant for cupping and stamping

In combination with other lubricant additives, e.g. like graphite and Tricalcium phosphate, glide pastes can be produced with Zinc II pyrophosphate powder which surpass the effectiveness of pastes based on MoS2 and oil.

Typical fields of application for the black solid lubricants are:

  • Lubricants
  • Metal moulding

Typical Analysis

P2O5 4%
Loss on ignition 13%
pH-value 6.3%
Bulk density (g/l) 350
Screen analysis on 0.040 mm 4
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