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Benefits of DORKAFILL® Functional Fillers for Paint

Photo source: The Germany-based Dorfner Group has developed highly sophisticated particle technology to produce high quality functional fillers for paint, glass, paper, adhesives and construction materials. They specialize in kaolin-based products using raw materials extracted from their own mines.

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Benefits of Dorfner’s Dust-Free DORSICOAT® Products In Commercial Flooring

Dorfner Group has added DORSICOAT®, a line of dust-free, easy-to-use quartz sand and sand blends, to its already impressive product catalog. These engineered quartz filler systems are used to install slip-free, highly durable industrial flooring. BassTech has partnered with Dorfner

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5 Interesting Facts About Industrial Flooring

When it comes to industrial flooring, different industries have different needs. Breweries, pharmaceutical, commercial kitchens, laboratories, parking garages, and aviation – to name a few – need their floors to be able to withstand all sorts of stress. Synthetic resin

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We Are a Dorkafill functional fillers for paint Supplier

Dorfner Group’s special line of kaolin-based multifunctional fillers, Dorkafill®, offers paint producers the tools they need to optimize the performance of their dispersion paints while reducing the cost of producing the paint. The high-grade kaolin that is used as the

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BassTech International Exhibits at American Coatings Show 2014

BassTech at American Coatings Show

We recently had the pleasure of exhibiting for the first time at this year’s American Coatings Show in Atlanta. The American Coatings Show is the fastest growing trade show in the paint and coatings industry, and we welcomed the opportunity

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