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5 Interesting Facts About Green Chrome Oxide

Green chrome oxide, also known as chromium (III) oxide, is a very stable, durable compound most commonly used as a pigment. Because of its opacity, it’s widely used to add color, but it also has heat-resistant qualities that make it

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St. Louis Refractory Symposium

BassTech Tradeshow Booth

Cold and snowy St. Louis at the end of March! Not what we expected when arriving at the St. Louis Refractory Symposium. Normally, the weather is beautiful and gives everyone a welcomed taste of what spring will feel like. Despite

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We Are a Green Chrome Oxide, BassCrOx Supplier

BassTech International supplies Green Chrome Oxide, affectionately named BassCrOx, to the North American market. We strictly control our BassCrOx to a Hexavalent Chrome content of 5 PPM Maximum, with the typical value being non-detected. It has a wide variety of

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