We Are a Dorkafill functional fillers for paint Supplier

Dorfner Group’s special line of kaolin-based multifunctional fillers, Dorkafill®, offers paint producers the tools they need to optimize the performance of their dispersion paints while reducing the cost of producing the paint. The high-grade kaolin that is used as the base of Dorkafill filler systems is mined from Dorfner’s own primary deposit in the heart of Bavaria, after which it undergoes a complex treatment and refining process. These filler systems are compatible with all standard binders and additives and are suitable for almost any formulation.

DORKAFILL H brings good matting properties and viscosity alongside good basic performance (brightness, opacity, hardness, etc). It often allows an increase of the pigment volume concentration (PVC) without a loss of quality.

DORKAFILL PRO_VOID demonstrates excellent matting properties and scrub resistance. Compared to other matting agents, it has a similar functionality but without porosity, which results in a much lower oil absorption (and thus a reduction in resin, advantages in dispersion, viscosity and more flexibility in fine tuning of the paint e.g. open time).


Source: Dorfner Group

Please inquire so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you in locating the correct grade that matches your requirements.

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