We Are a Barium Chloride Dihydrate and Anhydrous Supplier

BassTech International is the largest supplier of Barium Chloride. With a wide variety of uses and beingĀ one of the most important water soluble salts of Barium, our Barium Chloride has been finely tuned to meet the high expectations of our customers to ensure consistent results.

Industries that use Barium Chloride

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • PVC Stabilizers
  • Oil Lubricants
  • Production of Barium Chromate & Barium Fluoride
  • Paints / Coatings / Ink
  • Fireworks

What is Barium Chloride?

Barium Chloride is the ionic chemical compound with the formula BaCL2. It is one of the most important water-soluble barium salts. Barium Chloride has a variety of uses such as in the manufacture of heat treatment salts, case hardening of steel, in the manufacture of pigments, oil lubricants, PVC stabilizers and in the manufacture of other barium salts, such as Barium Sulfate, Barium Chromate and Barium Fluoride. BaCL2 is also used in fireworks to give a bright green color.


99% Minimum
99% Minimum
Iron (as Fe)
30 PPM Maximum 30 PPM Maximum
pH (aqueous solution)
6-8 7-8
Water Soluble Sulfides
50 PPM Maximum 40 PPM Maximum
Sodium (as Na)
0.03% Maximum 0.03% Maximum
Calcium (as Ca)
0.03% Maximum 0.03% Maximum
0.5% Maximum
Magnesium (as Mg)
0.005% Maximum
Strontium (as Sr)
0.01% Maximum
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