We Are a Self-Leveling Resin Filler Sands Supplier

Dorfner Group’s line of self-leveling resin filler sands are optimized for industrial and commercial flooring applications. They are formulated to maximize filler content in any self leveling binder system. They are ideal for general purpose applications and high-stress areas with lots of foot traffic.

DORSIMIX 100 GE is manufactured from DORSILIT® quartz sand. The product is smooth to apply, but also stable due to the optimized distribution of grain sizes. It makes for smoother surfaces and reduces installation time. Using this product can reduce binder material consumption by up to 50%.

DORSIMIX FILLER X is also manufactured from DORSILIT® quartz sand. Even in thin coatings, it exhibits very high strength due to the Dorfner slipping grain principle.

Please contact us so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you in locating the correct self-leveling filler system that matches your requirements.

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